Among the many joys of having Hannah as my day of coordinator, knowing she was at the helm of running my wedding day was worth more than I could have imagined. I couldn't recommend Hannah more highly for her confidence and capability in taking my vision and managing it flawlessly. Even though I planned the majority of my wedding, when I handed it over to Hannah she took everything I had planned and imagined, and tied it all together perfectly. Having Hannah coordinate my wedding day meant that myself, my friends, and my family were free to completely invest in enjoying and experiencing the day, stress free! After months of planning, I was so relieved to know all of my dreams and hard work were secure in Hannah's hands, and I could trust her to make the final decisions in my place, freeing me to be a bride. I know it is cliche to think your wedding day is supposed to be stressful, but it was honestly the most stress-free part of the process, and I know having Hannah made that possible.

Kate Thompson